Apex Legends skin customizer concept will test your color-matching skill

Reddit: XenotheBoi / Respawn

One Apex Legends community member’s concept for a custom skins color option has got the game’s player base wondering when something like that could be added to the game.

There are some downright beautiful character skins in Apex Legends. In any game where character skins are present, players want themselves to look as bold, colorful, and unique as possible.

But with only a finite number of skins, that limits the amount of different cosmetic options that players have access to. But one member of the community came up with a concept that can change all that.

Respawn EntertainmentAll the Apex Legends in their original skins.

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Created by Apex Legends subreddit user XenotheBoi, the standard model customization color pack allows players to take the original skin of each character and add custom colors into one of three slots.

With the Bangalore they used for example, the first color slot is for her grenades, her second slot is for armor, gloves, and kneepads, and the third is for her shirt and boots.

In their concept, players could unlock access to the customization pack with either a combination of Legend Tokens and Crafting Metals, or with a massive donation of Apex Coins.

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It looks like players could then spend additional Tokens or Metals on different color tones, or save up and buy fancy patterns to paste onto their Legends.

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In the post’s comments, several users expressed their desire for a system like this to be implemented into the game.

However, many also gave a realistic reply that Respawn and EA are unlikely to add it because it would just eat into profits they make from their usual microtransaction model.

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Apex’s developers aren’t alone in maintaining this cosmetic status quo, as neither Fortnite, Call of Duty, or any other game title that makes millions off microtransactions offer a level of customization this thorough. Certain skins in Fortnite have different preset customization options, but that’s the extent of it.

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If Respawn took an idea like this and added it to the game, it would likely have a higher upfront cost and a higher cost per each color option. But given how well the idea resonates with the community, it could still be very popular with players.