Apex Legends server issues persist despite Respawn update

apex legends sad pathfinder header imageRespawn Entertainment

It seems Apex Legends’ servers are still experiencing issues despite Respawn’s attempts to fix them and players are not happy.

As with any massive online multiplayer game, there are bound to be server issues that impact the experience for portions of the and Apex Legends is no exception.

Recently, Apex Legends players reported outages and server problems, leading to developer Respawn Entertainment pushing out a fix to resolve things and get players back into the Battle Royale.

Unfortunately, it seems widespread connection issues have once again cropped up despite Respawn’s attempts to fix the issue, leading to many players expressing their frustration on social media.

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Apex Legends experiencing server issues once again

On January 17, 2023, players took to social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter to check to see if other members of the community were experiencing server issues.

Multiple threads on the Apex Legends subreddit have gained traction as fans began to share their frustrations with the ongoing connectivity problems.

“Stuck on matchmaking for 8 minutes…just me?” asked one fan, whose post gained nearly 200 comments from other players who shared their experience. “Same here on PS5. Just stuck on “matchmaking” for ages and nothing is happening. Now we can’t even have a rank split without issues smh…”

It seems regardless of platform or region, players have dealt with indefinite wait times and extremely laggy matches. On top of that, the problems persisted to the following day, with no sign of letting up.

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Apex Legends player Whos_Neg posted a clip on Twitter that showed the extent of the server problems. Even after getting into a match, the game’s speed was incredibly slow and jittery.

At the time of writing, Respawn has yet to publicly acknowledge the ongoing issues, so it’s unclear whether or not a fix is on the way. For now, it seems all players can do is wait until Apex’s servers are back to normal.