Apex Legends: Secret reload animations discovered


It appears that secret reload animations have been discovered in Apex Legends, but no-one is quite sure how they are triggered.

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Respawn Entertainment’s first person battle royale has taken the gaming community by storm since its February release, hitting 50 million players faster than Fortnite did. However, it has not been without its fair share of issues, with many users complaining about cheaters and unexplained crashes

This hasn’t stopped overwhelmingly positive community feedback though, and now, eagle-eyed gamers have found what appears to be mystery reload animations in the game.

RespawnThe G7 Scout is a popular sniper rifle with Apex Legends players.
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First brought to the community’s attention after a Reddit post from user ‘DuhSheet’ surfaced, the clip shows a previously unknown reload animation when using the G7.

Although it’s not certain, the animation is thought to be triggered when the entire ammunition clip is emptied before a reload. This then sees the empty ammo clip released from the top of the gun and replaced from above, rather than the normal animation which can be seen after.

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It is not completely known what triggers this animation because, as is seen in the clip, the user goes on to fire the entire clip again without hesitation, and the regular reload animation is triggered.

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Titanfall 2 players immediately recognized this reload animation as an easter egg from that game’s G2A5 Battle Rifle, from which the G7 Scout is inspired.

This is supplemented by another clip, this time provided by Reddit user ‘PSN-xsXex’, in which an impressive Peacekeeper play shows another reload animation for the shotgun. 

In this instance, it appears to be triggered by the in-game character having only one hand free, which results in a reload with a flourish. 

The two recent discoveries have got players speculating how many more hidden reload animations there are in Apex Legends, and how they are triggered.

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