Looks like Apex Legends is keeping Peacekeeper, Kraber as supply drop guns in Season 8

Wattson shoots a Kraber in the Apex Legends Season 8 trailer.Respawn Entertainment

It looks like Respawn has no plans ⁠— for the moment — to reshuffle the Apex Legends supply drop guns, with the Prowler, the Kraber .50-cal sniper rifle, and the Peacekeeper set to stay as Heirloom guns heading into Season 8.

Apex Legends has enjoyed a rotating roster of Heirloom guns in the battle royale’s randomly-dropped care packages since mid-2019, when the L-STAR was added to the title’s super-rare “red” arsenal.

The Devotion, Mastiff, and R-99 have all spent stints as rare supply drops in past seasons, before Respawn settled on the current roster.

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The current high-impact trio will be sticking around to start Season 8 too; early gameplay videos highlighting Fuse and the flashy new 30-30 Repeater rifle have seemingly confirmed the Heirloom roster will remain unchanged.

A screenshot from the "Dazs" gameplay guide clearly shows all three Heirloom guns in the training yard.YouTube: Dazs
A frame from Dazs’ gameplay guide shows all three Heirloom guns in the training yard.

All three current Heirloom weapons ⁠— the Peacekeeper shotgun, Prowler submachine gun, and Kraber .50-cal sniper — were spotted in the Apex Legends training yard in multiple videos.

This seems to suggest the Apex Legends devs don’t have any plans to swap out which red guns can be collected from supply drops, at least early on in Season 8. Considering the new season, “Mayhem,” kicks off on Feb. 2, it seems a little late to be tweaking that in the live versions of the game.

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It’s worth noting, however, Respawn has not confirmed anything yet.

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That being said, Dexerto has spoken to several of Apex Legends’ prominent data miners, who are all of the opinion the newly-released gameplay guides have been filmed on the same builds that are set to be sent live for players on Feb. 2. 

There have also been no changes in the battle royale’s code regarding supply drop guns, suggesting nothing has been fiddled with ahead of Season 8’s launch.

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The Peacekeeper is all set for another season as a supply drop gun.Respawn Entertainment
The Peacekeeper is all set for another season as a supply drop gun.

This decision means the Peacekeeper will now spend its fourth consecutive season in supply drops. It was added to the Heirloom arsenal in May, 2020.

The Prowler has been locked away inside care packages for a much shorter stint; the heavy submachine gun was hooked from the Apex Legends loot pool in the Season 7 launch patch, when the R-99 SMG was unleashed back into the game. The Kraber rifle has been in supply drops since before Season 1.

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Apex Legends Season 8 is set to officially launch on Tuesday, February 2.

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