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Apex Legends Season 3 name, weapon and battle pass leaked

by Calum Patterson


The name and contents of the upcoming Season 3 battle pass in Apex Legends have been leaked, revealing our first look at what is to come when the new season begins.


Although data miners have been able to uncover the names and abilities of various unreleased legends and weapons, developers Respawn Entertainment did a good job of keeping upcoming seasons under wraps - until now.

With Season 3 expected to release in early October, with a new battle pass to boot, we wouldn't have expected to hear anything official until later in September, although a leak has uncovered not only the name of the new season, but the contents of the battle pass too.


Season 3 battle pass: Fire and Ice

According to the leaked game files, the name of the third season will be called 'Fire and Ice', and will come with plenty of new exclusive content for those who buy the battle pass.

Posted first by reputable leaker @That1MiningGuy, the battle pass will include the following items (it's not clear how many of each item there will be): 

  • Character skins for Octane and Caustic
  • Weapon skins for R301 (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Spitfire (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Alternator (Legendary, reactive)
  • Legendary Apex Pack
  • Epic Apex Pack
  • 2550 Crafting Metals

Battle Pass bundle:

  • 25 battle pass levels
  • Exclusive Legendary Spitfire skin
  • Exclusive character skin

It's worth noting that the Season 2 battle pass included character skins for both Octane and Caustic, so it is rather likely that these two are placeholders in the game's files. This could change in the future. 


What to expect in Apex Legends Season 3?


The game files were originally found in Spanish, meaning there are some translation errors (for example, 'manufacturing' metals are of course crafting metals), yet it gives us our first clue about the new season.

The name of Season 3, Fire and Ice, is also peculiar. It could hint at a possible snowy/icey biome on the map, as well as a firey one, or perhaps could be a clue for the new legend, believed to be Crypto.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Octane was the first new legend added, for Season 1, and Crypto is expected for Season 3.



More potentially leaked information from That1MiningGuy, who has uncovered a number of details ahead of schedule in the past, claims that a brand new submachine gun is going to be included in the game's next major patch as well. 

Below you can see an image of the leaked weapon, which looks to be inspired by Titanfall's Volt SMG, but it's unclear if it would keep that name in Apex Legends Season 3 - if it's added. 

That1MiningGuy has leaked a brand new SMG weapon, which could appear in Season 3.


When is Apex Legends Season 3?

We don't have any official release date as of the time of writing, although we would expect Season 3 to begin on either Tuesday or a Thursday, meaning either October 1 or October 3.

The battle pass is only one small part of a new season though, as the main attraction will be the new legend, new modes and perhaps even a fresh weapon.

As with any leak, it must be noted that things are always subject to change in development, and game files may be altered or tweaked before official release.

Article last updated on September 12, 2019 at 08:45am (EST).