Apex Legends Season 14 major weapon changes: Wingman, Spitfire, buffs, Supply Drop guns

Apex Legends Rampart using Rampage LMGRespawn Entertainment

Season 14 of Apex Legends will bring a plethora of weapon changes, including changes to ammo types used by weapons, supply drop weapons, as well as buffs and nerfs.

For Season 14: Hunted, Respawn is adding the new Legend Vantage, making changes to Kings Canyon, and increasing the level cap. Laser Sights are also being added as a new attachment for SMGs and Pistols.

But, some of the biggest changes are to the weapons – and some might surprise you. These include ammo changes to the Wingman and Spitfire, as well as a big buff to the EVA-8.

Ammo changes in Apex Season 14

Let’s start with the Wingman – everyone’s favorite pocket sniper. And, in Season 14, it will actually be using sniper ammo.

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Respawn want to make the sniper role on each squad more defined, and with heavy ammo, the economy of ammo on each team was “too easy.” Now, you might have to think more carefully about which squad member is using the sniper.

Wingman in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
The Wingman will move to Sniper ammo in Season 14.

Next up is the Spitfire. This love-it-or-hate-it LMG has always been a heavy ammo weapon, just like the Wingman – but in Season 14, it will be changed to light ammo.

Part of the reasoning for this, Respawn say, is to bring more light ammo weapons into the late game stages.

EVA-8 buff

Respawn’s weapons team has acknowledged that the EVA-8 Auto shotgun has fallen off in recent seasons. With better shotguns always on option, this shotty is often left on the floor.

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For Season 14, the EVA-8 will have a significantly buffed fire rate, and shotgun bolts will increase this fire rate even more than before.

Apex Legends EVA-8 ShotgunRespawn Entertainment
The EVA-8 should be much more viable in Season 14.

Another bonus will be the ability for the EVA-8 to use stock attachments, as well as use the Double Tap hop-up, which returns in Season 14.

Supply Drop weapons in Season 14

In Season 14, the G7 Scout and Volt SMG will be removed from the supply drops, and placed back in the floor loot.

Replacing them in the drops will be the Bocek Bow and the Rampage. It will certainly be interesting to see how these are buffed up to compensate.

Hop-ups returning

There are two hop-ups making a long-awaited comeback in Season 14:

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  • Double-Tap: G7 Scout and EVA-8
  • Skullpiercer: Wingman, Longbow DMR, 30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 Repeater will also get the Skullpiercer hop-up, increasing headshot damage.

These are all the major weapon changes confirmed for Season 14 so far, but stay tuned for the full patch notes closer to the season launch on August 9..