Apex Legends Season 12 rework for Rampage has landed early in-game

Apex Legends' Rampage had a bit of an episode but it's back in the game now.Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Season 12 rework for the Rampage has been released after Respawn reintroduced it to the game now that its game-breaking issues have been resolved.

According to Respawn’s Lead Weapon Designer, Eric Canavese, the decision to disable the Rampage and the Sentinel gave the team a chance to bring a Season 12 rework into Apex Legends ahead of schedule.

It’s not every day that two guns get yoinked out of the loot pool due to an exploit, but that’s the exact situation the Apex dev team found themselves in after devious players found a way to infinitely charge both the Rampage and the Sentinel.

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While that might sound like a nightmare from the outside, it actually provided the team with a chance to roll out an update that would have otherwise been delayed for a few more weeks.

Apex Legends Season 12 Rampage rework arrives earlier than expected in-game

Apex Legends Rampage LMGRespawn Entertainment
The Rampage’s fire rate can be boosted with a Thermite Grenade but it’s not supposed to be a permanent buff.

Apex’s chargeable LMG saw a few changes in the January 13 patch, including a 2-damage-per-bullet reduction, increased energy consumption when Revved Up, and the removal of the slowdown that was applied when channeling a Thermite into the gun.

Shortly after the update went live Canavese confirmed that these changes weren’t intended to be a part of Season 11 at all: “These nerfs were intended for S12 but due to the disable we’re able to get them out early.”

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When describing why the changes were necessary, he joked that just the sound of the Rampage was enough to scare anyone who plays the game this season and suggested that the new version of the gun “should start to even the playing field” across the board.

As with most big balancing changes, it will likely be a while before the true impact of these decisions becomes apparent, but in the meantime, players can focus jump back into the Ranked ladder without fear of being hunted down by two absolutely busted guns.

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