Apex Legends scrapped crazy flamethrower weapon idea

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An Apex Legends dev has revealed that the original design of the Rampage LMG was similar to a flamethrower before it was scrapped.

Every season in Apex Legends, Respawn adds a huge amount of new content for the community to enjoy and get stuck into.

This was certainly no different for Season 14, which introduced Vantage, a level cap increase, and an updated Kings Canyon.

However, before the devs decide on what to add to the Outlands, they go through countless different designs and ideas, especially when it comes to weapons.

Although a lot of these guns never make it into the game, it’s always interesting to know what could have been added but ended up being scrapped. Well, according to one dev, the Rampage LMG was originally a flamethrower.

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An early iteration of the Rampage LMG set enemies on fire.

Apex Legends dev reveals scrapped flamethrower weapon

During the recent Legends & guns AMA on Reddit, Lead Game Designer Eric Canavese revealed that an early iteration of the Rampage LMG was extremely different from the one we have in-game today.

Instead of just using Thermite Grenades to charge up the fire rate of the gun, the Rampage in its early design stages could set enemies on fire and allow you to “paint thermite” on the ground.

This would allow you to tactically zone opponents into certain areas and cut them off from escaping a POI if you were accurate with your shots.

However, after reflecting on the concept, the team decided that the choice between shooting your opponents and shooting the ground was “too much” for players to balance.

Crazy weapon idea Apex Legends

While it’s a shame this form of the Rampage was scrapped, it would be great to see a gun in the future that is designed to zone enemies rather than directly shooting them.

This could be incredibly powerful during an endgame when there’s a limited amount of space available and squads are forced closer and closer together.

Either way, fingers crossed the devs share more scrapped ideas in the future, as it’s interesting to hear about all of the concepts that are created behind closed doors.