Apex Legends “insane” Rumble LTM leaked: What is it and will it come in Season 17?

Apex Legends Crypto purple and gold skin around flamesRespawn/EA

A brand-new limited-time mode for Apex Legends called Rumble has been leaked and could be coming in Season 17. Here’s everything we know about it. 

While many Apex Legends players just want to jump into the main battle royale mode and prove that they’re the best of the best in the Apex Games, there are plenty of other modes for players to get stuck into as well. 

The most popular of these side modes are, typically, only available for a limited amount of time – hence the name limited-time mode, or LTM – so it’s usually a mad scramble to play as much as possible. 

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In Season 16, Respawn added Mixtape, which combines the Control, Gun Run, and Team Deathmatch modes into one rotating playlist of LTMs. Though, that could be getting another shake-up soon with the previously leaked ‘Rumble’ mode. 

How will Rumble LTM work in Apex Legends?

Rumble was leaked back at the end of February by data miner Osvaldatore and was described as a solo mode that puts a constant spin on the typical battle royale formula. 

“In Rumble, anything can happen. The map, the ring, the anomalies, the wildlife, and the consumables are all randomized and shuffled every match, creating a unique and chaotic experience every time,” the leaker’s description said, noting that the legend abilities would also be removed. 

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That description, naturally, built up some hype. “This sounds insanely fun,” said one. “This sounds hella fun!” added another.

Osvaldatore also claimed that it would be coming in Season 17, and that appears to have been backed up by ThordanSmash, who said the mode is “legit” after all. 

Will Rumble LTM come in Apex Legends Season 17?

Given that we’re still a bit away from Season 17, it hasn’t been confirmed if the mode will be coming there or not. 

The leakers have been reliable in the past, but until Respawn says something themselves, it’s not set in stone in any way. 

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So, we’ll just wait and see what happens once we get around to the next big seasonal update.