Apex Legends rollout lets players instantly switch between buildings

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Apex Legends players are constantly reimagining how to use the game’s movement system and have found a way to make rotations between buildings on World’s Edge insanely fast.

The mobility in Apex isn’t anything all that exciting. Apart from a few Legends, Respawn intentionally keeps most of the fights grounded so players can have an easier time tracking the action as it unfolds.

Since the early stages of the battle royale, players have been indirectly encouraged to find unique avenues for bamboozling opponents. This has resulted in people improving their skills with Apex’s movement to either find “cheap” tricks to loot quicker or helpful strats to maneuver around the Arena.

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This time around, user ‘Gravitysending’ showed a slightly more advanced way of getting from one building to the next in the concrete jungle of Fragment West.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex’s fragmented city is the perfect place to style on people with sly movement tricks.

If you’re already aware of how to Wall Jump, then you know exactly what’s happening in the clip. If you don’t, then the trick is essentially using the directional momentum after a wall jump, some refer to it as a ‘double jump,’ to make the gap across buildings.

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This can be used for a range of applications, but it could be immediately helpful to lose players chasing you down in a fight.

While characters like Pathfinder or Wraith can easily use their abilities to safely get from one structure to another, this is a brilliant way for less-mobile Legends like Mirage to make use of these high-rise terrains.

Obviously this trick isn’t completely practical and won’t be much help out in the open, but it could be a saving grace for people navigating hostile High Tier Loot areas with big buildings.

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Elite players like former pro Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn have even shown how Wall Jumping can be used to style on an opponent, so don’t hesitate to use the trick for different applications.

Just know that there are an abundance of movement tricks in Apex Legends like this one to shake up characters’ baseline capabilities.

People have been mixing these kinds of approaches to their gameplay, so the more techniques in your arsenal, the better you’ll be outfitted to last in Apex Legends.

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