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Apex Legends • Mar 11, 2019

Apex Legends leak hints at Rocket Launcher coming soon

Apex Legends leak hints at Rocket Launcher coming soon
Jung Park / Apex Legends

Apex Legends players might be able to get their hands on a brand new rocket launcher in the near future - if potentially leaked information is to be believed. 


Changes to some weapons have already been made to the popular battle royale game, which was released on February 4 by Respawn Entertainment, with the Peacekeeper and Wingman being nerfed in the March 7 balance patch. 

However, a new potential leak suggests that the weapons list could face another major shakeup soon. 


Respawn Entertainment
Players could soon see Rocket Launchers appear all over the Apex Legends map.

New information, which has been potentially leaked by Apex Leaks News on Twitter, seems to show a filename labeled: 'mp_weapon_rocket_launcher.' 

The accuracy of these files remains to be seen, but the tweet below does suggest that a new explosive weapon - much like the rocket launchers in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite - could start to appear around King's Canyon in a future patch. 


This isn't the only leak from March 11, though, as there have been suggestions from data miners that five new Apex Legends characters could soon be added to the free-to-play game. 

As is the case with many unconfirmed reports and leaks of this kind, it's unknown as to whether or not we can expect these new features to appear in Apex Legends any time soon. 

We will keep you updated on further details should they arise. 

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