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Apex Legends reverts Season 7 Battle Pass challenges after feedback

Published: 10/Nov/2020 22:01 Updated: 10/Nov/2020 22:05

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment have toned down the difficulty it takes to complete Apex Legends’ Season 7 Battle Pass after receiving waves of backlash from players on the “grindy” star system.

To be clear, Apex Legends will retain S7’s system introduced with the new Battle Pass, which rewards players with stars. But they’re reverting both daily and weekly challenges back to a level of difficulty more akin to those found in Season 6.

“Starting today (November 10), we’re reverting the difficulty of the daily challenges to S6 levels while keeping the number of stars rewarded the same,” Apex Legends Director Chad Grenier said.


Respawn are immediately addressing the community’s problem with daily challenges, but Genier expects another patch to roll out shortly after that will make changes to the weekly challenges.

apex legends season 7 battle pass
Chad Grenier via Twitter
The new values for Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass target requirements.

The developer revealed hard numbers on the changes Apex players can expect to see that will dramatically lower target values for dailies and weeklies.

Nothing has changed in regards to how many stars individual challenges reward upon completion, but the update will lower the threshold for finishing them in the first place. The fixes to weekly tasks will not only address the difficulty bar to complete them, it’ll also give players the ability to complete them with more than one Legend.


This directly impacts player concerns of random teammates simply picking a character to complete a challenge with them, rather than synergize with the squad.

As an added bonus, all players will be getting 10 free Battle Pass levels in next week’s patch. Among the feedback Respawn received about the Season 7 Battle Pass, there was an idea from the community that the star system’s difficulty was solely created to keep players grinding, and even persuade them to buy levels.

The free battle pass levels could go far to alleviate such concerns, especially now that players will be able to consistently check off more challenges from their list.


Respawn are actively monitoring feedback from players in light of the latest Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass changes to see if there’s anything else to improve before it ends January 2021.