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Apex Legends Revenant wall climb buff can give him ‘infinite wall hops’

Published: 4/Jul/2021 0:14

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have discovered a new movement technique with Revenant that lets the Synthetic Nightmare live up to his name to a frightening degree.

Respawn took a look at Rev in the Genesis Collection update and gave a huge boost to his Stalker passive ability that now lets him climb significantly higher distances. But people also noticed that the changes unlocked a strange wall-hop mechanic for the Legend.

While we know that the devs want to keep Legends generally grounded in the battle royale, longtime Respawn fans have been clamoring for some wall running techs to be introduced into the game.


The studio have flat-out said not to expect Titanfall mechanics like that to come into Apex Legends, but players have been coping with a trove of other movement tricks instead.

Apex pro ‘Vetyd’ found that Revenant’s new Stalker buffs lets him get off multiple wall hops in quick succession that’s pretty handy to avoid getting lasered.

The new tech has been getting a ton of interest from people who haven’t seen it before, but there could be a problem with how viable it actually is.

Essentially, Revenant can use two close walls as a way to chain the hops. But that isn’t really helpful since there aren’t too many places in Apex that lets players make full use of the tech.


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Still, with Respawn monitoring how Revenant performs after his changes, it’ll be interesting if someone finds a way to make this useful by then.

The devs want Rev’s stats to improve, and making him a go-to pick for people that want more mobility options could be an interesting way to make it happen.

Expect to see some people try to make use of Revenant’s wall hop. But other than the initial shock of seeing the red reaper barreling at you in mid-air, it should be a straightforward tech to counter.