Apex Legends Revenant buff idea would add a more deadly passive ability

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An Apex Legends player has come up with a buff idea for Revenant’s passive that would allow the Synthetic Nightmare to identify vulnerable targets in a gunfight.

Since his release all the way back in Season 4, Revenant has been up and down in the Apex Legends meta. While his Ultimate remains an incredibly powerful tool in any squad, not every aspect of his kit is considered useful by the Apex community.

His passive, in particular, has been labeled as weak and underpowered, as it only grants Revenant the ability to climb higher and crouch walk faster than other Legends.

Well, an Apex Legends player has presented a buff idea to the community that involves adding a deadly twist to Revenant’s passive and it fits his character perfectly.

Revenant Passive ideaRespawn Entertainment
Revenant’s Ultimate allows his squad to aggressively push enemies.

Apex Legends buff idea for Revenants passive

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit presenting a buff idea for Revenant’s passive has garnered over 7,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

Reddit user Pris0ner has developed an idea that involves Revenant keeping his current passive while also giving him the ability to identify vulnerable targets in a gunfight. This would involve low-health enemies being highlighted in yellow for Revenant, allowing him to prioritize weakened opponents.

According to Pris0ner, this passive ability would kick when opponents dropped below 75 hp and would not be visible in smokes or through walls.

“Revenant now sees enemy players who are low on health highlighted in yellow… this allows him to prioritize certain enemies in a gunfight.”

It’s fair to say this extra ability would fit Revenant’s theme as a trained assassin and killer. Being able to focus the vulnerable targets in a gunfight would certainly give him the upper hand over enemy squads and potentially push players to use him as a hyper-aggressive Legend.

As this extra information on an enemy’s health would only be available to the Revenant player, it would certainly spark more communication between squadmates over who to focus on.

This is certainly an idea Respawn should consider using or taking inspiration from when improving Revenant’s passive.

While his ability to climb high and crouch walk faster can be useful in-game, it isn’t as fun to use as Vakyrie’s VTOL Jets or Bloodhound’s tracking passive.