Apex Legends Revenant buff concept makes him climb like Spiderman

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have been given food for thought as a popular Apex Legends buff concept completely transforms Revenant’s ability to climb walls, and players are rallying behind the Spiderman-style change.

Introduced to Apex Legends as a stealthy stalker, Revenant is a unique legend that can not only prevent teammates from dying for a certain period of time with his Ultimate but can also climb walls for significantly longer than other legends.

This brought on a new type of playstyle in the game that, although it was nullified in some ways thanks to the infamous Revtane duo, could make the sometimes monotonous Battle Royale game more interesting.

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However, he hasn’t really lived up to his initial sneaky concept – ranking low on many tier lists – and the Apex Legends community has come up with a way to change that.

Revenant Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Revenant Respawn Entertainment’s attempt at a more secretive Legend.

New Revenant concept makes him climb like Spiderman

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, how about cyborg on a ceiling?

Thanks to Reddit user XxGAMERZxKingxX, an interesting concept of allowing for Revenant has been surging up the Apex Legends subreddit. It would ensure that Rev is able to not just climb walls, but be able to reach the ceiling and hang onto it – just like Spiderman.

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“Revenant should be able to crawl in any direction, onto ceilings, and hang on to them,” said the Reddit user. “I want to hide on a ceiling, stalk people, and play quips on people when they pass by. Thoughts?”

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This idea, which has racked up nearly 7,000 upvotes, would exacerbate the Legend’s secretive ways, allowing him to bring a new take to the often-times guns blazing Battle Royale playstyle.

Other users on the Reddit post took a liking to this idea, with one saying: “I’ve been thinking this since he was new. As long as he can’t fire weapons or use items, nades, etc I really don’t think it’d be op, either.”

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Another user thought of Revenant as Spiderman prior to his release, saying: “When he was first introduced I was kinda expecting a full-on Spider-Man type of legend.”

An idea like this might just be what the Legend needs as he currently ranks in the bottom four in Legend pick-rate according to Apex Legends Status. Players are now wondering, why not give him a little touch-up?

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