Apex Legends replicator glitch causes instant death on Storm Point

Marc Griffin
Replicators in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A replicator bug in Apex Legends is eliminating players from their match through a bizarre instant death glitch.

Crafting in Apex Legends was a hit the moment it was introduced as Respawn Entertainment decided to go for a more straightforward route with the concept by allowing players to collect materials and use them to craft health kits or guns.

However, while replicators proved to be popular with the community over the years, there has been a persisting downside: bugs.

Now, one player’s bug is showing exactly why some major updates are needed as soon as possible.

Replicators in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends made it possible for players to craft weapons with the inclusion of replicators.

Apex Legends player discovers replicator instant death glitch

Uploaded to the Apex Legends subreddit by user mohsn95, the player shared their experience with the crafting system as he attempted to get a few items during a match.

In the video, the player grabbed a Shield Battery and then ran to the other side of the valuable vendor to acquire a batch of light ammo.

Once mohsn95 finalized his crafting of light ammunition, they were immediately dropped below the map and swallowed up by darkness, resulting in instant death.

The video captioned: “just my luck” hasn’t gotten much traction on the subreddit, but this experience with the crafting system is just the latest example of how game-breaking the vendor has become.

While it isn’t known to the community what is causing replicators to glitch out in many ways, consider this latest instant death glitch a fair warning to maybe steer clear of the crafting systems for the time being.

As we all know, Apex Legends’ replicators have been wreaking havoc through the community for a while now.

It’ll be interesting to see if Respawn Entertainment finally decides to address the game-breaking glitches in the coming months.