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Apex Legends

Apex Legends remove ‘emote hopping’ glitch everyone loved

Published: 30/Jun/2021 10:46

by Jacob Hale


Apex Legends has secretly removed the ‘emote hopping’ feature that players grew to love in the 1.73 update with the Genesis Collection event, despite no word of it in the patch notes.

The update brought a number of changes to the Apex Games, including nerfs to Octane and Bloodhound, while weapons such as the Spitfire and Longbow saw several balancing changes.

Earlier in Season 9, players discovered that they could emote while jumping, allowing for infinite creativity options and allowing the best players to really style on their opponents, turning their emotes up a notch.

While it didn’t have too much impact on the actual game, it was pretty cool and often had funny results, and the community quickly grew to love emote hopping.


With no mention of it in the patch notes, players had no reason to suspect there was anything wrong — but it was quickly discovered that the feature was removed from the game, and players couldn’t replicate it anymore.

While that may have initially seemed like a mistake, with players trying to figure out what exactly had happened, it appears the change was made on purpose — and the devs have no intention of bringing it back.

Replying to an AlphaINTEL tweet asking for the feature to come back, Respawn producer Josh Medina simply replied with a gif saying “It’s a no from me dawg.”


While naturally, most fans are upset about the confirmation, there are some that agree it’s probably right for a number of reasons. For example, Mirage being able to throw out a decoy as an emote essentially gives him a free passive ability.

That said, that would be a rarity and, in most instances, emote hopping is more of a hindrance than a help. So for now, most players are left scratching their heads over why it’s been removed at all.