Apex Legends “recolor” bug completely breaks rare Caustic skin

Caustic in action in the Apex Legends games.Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends bug is ‘recoloring’ and completely transforming a rare Caustic skin.

Apex Legends bugs are a classic part of the game, but ever since Olympus began having issues earlier in January, more and more fans have been reporting strange issues.

One player has now shown evidence that their Caustic skin has completely changed skin tone as well as several key colors around his armor and also claims they’ve done everything to prove that it’s not an issue with their game client.

Synthesis Chamber Caustic on the Apex Legends pack screen.Respawn Entertainment
Synthesis Chamber Caustic as he is supposed to look in Apex Legends,

Apex Legends bug completely transforms Caustic collection event skin

Synthesis Chamber, the skin in question, is supposed to feature Caustic in a heavily armored orange-and-blue getup.

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However, the current version swaps many of the non-orange textures for a jet-black version that changes the look of things entirely.

As NEZPlays pointed out, there are several pieces of the skin that are totally different from what they’re supposed to look like.

They raised this complaint and also explained the steps they’ve taken to fix it, none of which have yielded any results.

“I verified the game files and the textures are still messed up so I’m assuming this is due to a patch or something. Hopefully, this gets fixed and doesn’t happen again.

“It’s weird to think a skin could be retroactively changed by accident in an update and might just be forgotten about because it was a collection event skin.”

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Other players provided examples of weapons being affected by similar bugs in the past, with the R301’s Dynastic Cycle skin being highlighted as one that has been affected by something like this before, noting this has happened several times over previous seasons.

There’s no telling how long it might take for this to get resolved but it will likely happen after the current Olympus problem gets taken care of.