Apex Legends Ranked Split 2 now live: Kings Canyon, soft reset, more

Albert Petrosyan
Respawn Entertainment

Split 2 of Ranked Play Series 3 in Apex Legends Season 4 kicked off on March 24, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the soft reset and what else has changed.

One of the new ideas that Respawn Entertainment implemented in Apex Legends with Season 4 was Ranked Split, which divides the Ranked Series 3 into two halves.

The first half was played from February 3 to March 23, while this second split will be active March 24 to May 5, which is when Season 5 will presumably begin with Ranked Series 4.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Ranked Series 3, Split 2 will be available March 24 to May 5.

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Kings Canyon returns

Probably the biggest change between Splits 1 and 2 of this Ranked season is the fact that the default map will be switched from World’s Edge to the Season 2 version of Kings Canyon, the original map in Apex Legends.

According to Respawn, the idea behind this plan was “to keep things fresh,” since most of the playerbase have enjoyed playing the map since it was replaced in Season 3.

It will be interesting to see how much the competitive gameplay on Kings Canyon has changed since then, as the game has received massive developments and several major new additions that have altered the meta.

Respawn Entertainment
Split 2 of Apex Legends Ranked Series 3 will feature the return of Kings Canyon, the Season 2 version.

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Soft reset

Between Splits 1 and 2, Respawn have implemented what they’re calling a soft reset. This means that, at the start of Split 2, players saw their ranked positions reset by 1.5 tiers down.

Those in Gold II were knocked down to Silver IV, Platinum IV players were reset to Silver II, whoever managed to reach Apex Predator started again at Platinum II, and so on.

This soft reset has always been employed at the start of every new season, but will now go into effect between each split, as well, moving forward.

Respawn Entertainment
Because of the soft reset at the start of every split, players will see their rank drop 1.5 tiers.

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Because of this new system, rewards have been tweaked slightly, as well. Now, Ranked rewards will be given for the highest tier reached in either split, meaning if you end up achieving a higher rank in the second half of Series 3, it’ll supersede what you got in the first half.

However, those who end up making it to the same tier in both splits will receive exclusive animated badges, so there’s definitely incentive to try just as hard on Kings Canyon as you did on World’s Edge.