Apex Legends pros slam ALGS after high-end PCs delay ahead of Split 2 Playoffs

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Apex Legends pros are sounding off ahead of the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs after tournament organizers, EA, reportedly failed to secure high-end PC equipment promised for the $1,000,000 LAN.

Members across TSM, GMT, Alliance, and more reacted to EA’s apparent decision to renege on its commitment of providing machines built with RTX 3080s and 11th Gen i7s in time for the April 29 kickoff.

Two days before Day 1 of ALGS, orgs got the word that the event was going back to its original offering of PCs with RTX 2070s that pros and team managers agreed would not suffice.

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The years-old equipment was a major point of concern when it was announced, forcing EA to switch it up on April 21 by notifying teams of the imminent upgrade.

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The upgraded ALGS PC builds were confirmed by EA but have since been canceled, according to Apex Legends pros.

Apex Legends pros slam ‘last-second switch’

TSM Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith didn’t mince words after the ALGS tournament organizer (TO) told his team that they shouldn’t expect to play with upgraded equipment.

“It was initially fixed,” he said on Twitter. “We were told new PCs would be provided. Today while all teams are bootcamping, playing on high-spec rigs with great performance, we are told that PCs will not be upgraded.

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“Pathetic from a company as large as EA.”

Others in the Apex pro scene shared Albralelie’s disappointment after coming to terms with disparity between equipment in the practice room and the Stage 2 Playoffs rigs.

“This announcement just got reverted and we’re back to the original low spec PCs to celebrate the first Apex LAN in 2.5 years,” Alliance Apex Manager Pontus Bengtsson said.

“Sad and frustrating that all players will be limited on showing off their hard work they’ve put up over the past 2 years of ALGS competition. Big L.”

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The news sent shockwaves to an Apex community that has been recovering from EA’s previous debacle after it was confirmed that travel expenses wouldn’t be covered for all ALGS players who qualified for a LAN.

Similar to the question about high-end PCs, the company later announced an about-face to that decision as backlash started to mount.

This time, however, EA is yet to address the latest reactions from its ALGS members, and has not responded to Dexerto’s request for comment.

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