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Apex Legends pros and streamers angry with weapon meta in Season 6

Published: 20/Aug/2020 16:25 Updated: 20/Aug/2020 16:37

by Daniel Cleary


Content creators and pro players have criticized changes in Apex Legends following the Season 6 update, which included significant shift to the battle royale’s weapon meta.

Plenty of fresh Apex Legends content has been added following Season 6’s update, on August 17. It introduced more map changes, a new Legend, Rampart, and even a crafting system.

However, many of the game’s top personalities have already voiced their criticism over the current state of Season 6, taking issue with weapon balancing and audio, in particular.

Devotion LMG weapon in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
There has been some controversy surrounding the Devotion LMG following the season 6 update.

Apex players frustrated with Season 6 meta

The latest season saw the Devotion LMG or ‘Devo’ added to the floor loot in Apex Legends, making it much easier for players to find in-game.

The weapon’s high fire-rate potential makes it one of the best guns in the game and now with reduced time-to-kill, almost every squad will be looking to get their hands on one.

NRG Lulu

Apex Legends content creator, LuluLuvely, was among the few to share frustrations about the current meta, calling on Respawn to add the Devo back in the Care Packages instead.

TSM ImperialHal

TSM star ImperialHal also highlighted some of the other weapons in the meta, claiming that there was no skill gap in Apex Legends following some of the damage buffs.

“The gun meta is complete trash now, every gun is so brain dead with no recoil with insane amount of damage,” he added.


Halo veteran snip3down voiced his criticism as well, claiming that, despite being a fan of some of the new changes, the reduction of armor and health from 200 to 175 was hurting the game.

He also pointed out a bug where weapons such as the Volt and Devotion have reduced audio volume, which could lead to some confusing gunfights.

CLG ImMadness

CLG pro ImMadness shared a supposed conversation with the Apex Legends twitter account, asking for 10,000 retweets to address the weapon and armor tuning.

However, although there were concerns over the legitimacy of the screenshot, the retweet target was hit within hours, suggesting that plenty of players feel similarly about the latest changes.

SoaR Jonny

SoaR Jonny admitted that he ‘really liked’ many of the new features added to season 6. That said, he’s unhappy about the Devotion, claiming it would be a “slap in the face” if changes are not made.

Despite receiving some backlash from Apex players, it is still unclear whether or not Respawn has any intention of reverting any of the weapons and health/armor changes in Season 6.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs respond to game-breaking Rampart Minigun bug

Published: 20/Nov/2020 10:17

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends devs Respawn Entertainment have taken away Rampart’s ability to place her minigun on the Trident vehicle due to a new issue, but there’s no telling when it’ll be back. 

With the start of Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn Entertainment added a new legend in the form of Horizon and also whisked players away to a new map – the highly anticipated setting of Olympus. 

The new map, which has become quite popular with players already, has enough unique features to stand out from Kings Canyon and World’s Edge – with the most noticeable change being the introduction of the Trident vehicles.

These hovercrafts, which can fit three players at once, are scattered around the map and allow you to get from point A to B quickly, while players are also able to use certain abilities on-the-go. The most useful of which is Rampart’s minigun, which makes the vehicle incredibly deadly. However, there is a bit of a problem with it.  

Apex Legends Trident
Respawn Entertainment
Players appear to have uncovered several bugs surrounding the vehicles introduced in Season 7.

Instead of being able to use the Ultimate ability on the back of a Trident as normal, players have found, since November 19, that trying to place the minigun on the vehicle will completely crash their game.

Numerous complaints were made on Twitter, the EA forums, and the Apex Legends subreddit, with the devs springing into action a few hours later. 

“Hey folks, as an FYI, we are currently disabling the ability to place Rampart’s turret on the Trident in order to fix an error, the devs tweeted. “We’ll let you know when you can go ham again once things are fixed.”

As of writing, on November 20, Rampart’s ability is still unusable on the Trident, and there’s no telling when the devs will get the change pushed out. 

Seeing as it’s probably just a bit of rogue code, they’ll likely send a server-side update live, so you probably won’t need to download anything once the time comes. Though, we’ll keep you posted with any breaking news and updates.