Apex Legends pro Zachmazer says new ALGS team is “impossible to form”

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The ALGS hasn’t been in the best spot as of late, and former Cloud9 player and Apex Legends pro Zachmazer has claimed that it’s been “impossible to form a new team.”

Apex Legends has a massive following on Twitch and an even larger player base across PC and consoles. Even with parts of the high-level community decrying the game’s current state, it’s still doing well on almost every metric.

However, the Apex Legends pro scene has been ailing as of late. With a few big orgs dropping out of the game after failing to qualify for the upcoming ALGS LAN it’s been a struggle for some of the pro players that have been left without a team to compete on.

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Zachmazer has been trying to put together a team, but he hasn’t been able to find a roster that can fit together and have a real chance at a run.

Zachmazer claims Apex Legends team is “impossible to form”

With so many big orgs giving up on their Apex Legends teams all at once in December, there’s a ton of talent in free agency that has been struggling to find new teams.

However, the process of finding a team that can fit together and has each player fill their role has been a tall order. It’s been impossible for Zach to find a roster that can properly mesh.

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Aside from joining a Challenger Circuit team, options are extremely limited, according to the Apex Legends pro.

For those unfamiliar, ALGS teams often diversify the roles, they have on the team. A full team of fraggers won’t get you anywhere without someone making the calls. And, while Zachmazer has often been the IGL (in-game leader) with teams he’s been on, the pro player has had a hard time getting a balanced team together for the ALGS proper.

He claims there are “so many good fragger players,” but there aren’t “enough IGLs and supports to fuel it” when trying to build a cohesive roster.

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In order to hunt for new talent in the Challenger’s League, he’d have to play through it again rather than just staying in the ALGS. This Apex Legends pro is stuck between a rock and a hard place following Cloud9’s departure from the league, and there’s no end in sight unless he wants to play all the way through the Challenger Circuit or try to make a team out of the players available.