Apex Legends pro Verhulst explains why pubs are better than “boring” ranked

Apex Legends pro Verhulst next to horizonEA / Respawn Entertainment

TSM Apex Legends pro Evan ‘Verhulst’ Verhulst isn’t the biggest fan of the ranked battle royale experience, preferring to tear it up in casual ‘pubs’ instead. However there are merits to the two modes for improving at various things, he explained.

Apex Legends’ ranked system is a divisive topic in the community. Despite numerous changes implemented by Respawn to make it fair, as well as put emphasis on good placement rather than kill-hunting, it still receives a mixed bag of responses from players.

Pubs in Apex Legends aren’t immune to criticism either, but it is the preferred hangout of someone like Verhulst, TSM’s star controller player.

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Asked if he preferred ranked or pubs on stream, he said he much preferred the casual game. Before viewers get too cynical about him being a pro and wiping the floor with those in the unranked matches, Verhulst gave a simple explanation as to why.

“I think ranked is so boring,” he said. “I only play ranked because it’s the only way you can learn positioning and zones. Pubs is pure mechanics and ranked teaches you teamwork [but] I think pubs are way more fun than ranked.”

There is a world where ranked is better: “The only reason I’d have more fun playing ranked than pubs is when you’re playing with other people so you can talk to them. If you’re really sweaty though, it’s hard to talk anyways.”

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However, for the most part, the TSM controller demon prefers to refine that fine aim in the casual matches before decimating the ranked ladder as well as ALGS.

It’s not to say he despises the ranked system and won’t play it ⁠— he’ll often queue up with friends and teammates to grind out some RP. If he’s playing by himself though, you won’t catch him solo queuing ranked too often.