Apex Legends pro SweetDreams claims Triple Take has “aimbot” for controller players

SweetDreams Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/SweetDreams

Apex Legends pro Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton thinks the Triple Take has “aimbot” at close range for controller players.

When it comes to long-range rifles in Apex Legends, there are great options to choose from that can all deal lethal amounts of damage from afar.

Whether it’s the 30-30 Repeater with its quick charge-up time, or the Sentinel if you’re looking for maximum power at long-range.

One option that seems to be getting overlooked in Season 14 is the Triple Take, with a lot of the community even calling on Respawn to buff the time it takes for the gun’s bullets to center.

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Well, according to sweetdreams, controller players are using the weapon wrong and should be making the most of its “aimbot” accuracy at close quarters.

Triple Take Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Season 15 of Apex Legends will arrive in early November.

Sweet explains why controller players should use Triple Take

During a recent stream, sweetdreams dove down onto Storm Point’s Launch Pad POI and realized he was surrounded by enemies.

Finding a Triple Take, he then proceeded to hit nonstop shots at close-range with the weapon, dishing out lethal amounts of damage.

After winning the gunfight, the pro then explained that the Triple Take “isn’t that bad” on controller despite what so many people think.

In his opinion, it basically has “aimbot” at close-range thanks to aim assist and the rifle’s bullet spread when it’s not fully charged.

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Of course, on MnK, the Triple Take is significantly harder to use as you’re just relying on your own skill accuracy to land shots.

However, on a controller, the rifle requires very little precision thanks to its huge bullet spread, making it easy to rack up damage.

So, next time you drop into the Outlands and find a Triple Take, think of it as more a shotgun than a rifle on controller.