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Apex Legends pro Shiv gets ultimate revenge on “aimbotting trashcan” teammate

Published: 26/Apr/2022 13:19

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends pro player and streamer Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel noticed his teammate was hacking and decided to take revenge at the perfect moment.

As with every multiplayer FPS, Apex Legends struggles with its fair share of hackers that use third-party software to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Whether it’s the use of an aimbot, wallhacks, or even DDoS attacks, they’re all strictly against the game rules and will often result in a permanent suspension.

While being killed by a hacker is frustrating, it can be difficult to identify if one is on your team unless you notice they’re hitting an unbelievable amount of shots.


ShivFPS caught his teammate red-handed while streaming, and decided to take revenge on the cheater when they were least expecting it.

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ShivFPS has 1.4 million followers on Twitch.

ShivFPS punishes cheating teammate in Apex Legends

During a match on April 25, ShivFPS was growing suspicious of a Pathfinder of his team and quickly noticed that the player was using an aimbot.

Instead of riding out of the game and taking the easy win, Shiv decided to take revenge on the hacker and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

For whatever reason, the aimbotting Pathfinder decided to go AFK and seemed to be alt-tabbed out of Apex Legends.

Seizing the opportunity, Shiv began meleeing the cheater towards the edge of the map. Although it took him a long time to reach the cliff edge, he finally pushed the hacker off the map, eliminating him from the match.


Describing the player as an “aimbotting trashcan,” Shiv celebrated next to the hacker’s death box and then carried on with the rest of the match as a solo.

While being kicked out of a match isn’t a huge penalty for the Pathfinder, it was great to see a player take action and get justice for the rest of the lobby.

Hopefully, Respawn sees Shiv’s clip and hands out this hacker a permanent ban before they can affect any more matches in the future.