Apex Legends pro Shiv frustrated with Kraber still ruining high-level matches

ShivFPS Apex Legends KraberRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: ShivFPS

Apex Legends pro Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel has demanded Respawn remove the Kraber from competitive play once again.

Out of all the weapons in Apex Legends, there’s only one that can eliminate an enemy with full health and shields with a single bullet, and that’s the Kraber.

While the heavy-duty care package sniper is featured in countless highlight-reel plays from the community, it’s also hated by a lot of players who deem the weapon unfair and broken.

Capable of one-shotting an enemy with no counterplay from long-distance, there have been calls from players and pros alike for the gun to be removed from competitive play.

No one has been more vocal on the topic than Apex Legends pro ShivFPS, and he’s once again called on the devs to solve the Kraber problem in comp.

Apex Legends KraberRespawn Entertainment
The Kraber is the only weapon in Apex Legends that can one-shot an opponent with full health and shields.

ShivFPS wants the Kraber removed from competitive

The Kraber has been a polarizing weapon within the community for a long time and despite calls for nerfs, Respawn has made it clear that damage changes are not an option as they would ruin the point of the weapon.

Despite this, in March of 2022, a dev did confirm that ideas and changes were being considered, but they didn’t involve nerfing or removing the gun from specific modes.

Unfortunately, this update on the Kraber situation hasn’t satisfied everyone, with ShivFPS once again calling on Respawn to “remove it from f***ing comp”.

His demand was triggered on stream after he was one-shot by the sniper in the final circle, effectively making it impossible to fight back and win the match.

When it comes to the Kraber in competitive, the main issue comes with the lack of counterplay and the fact a player can be taken out in an instant without knowing what happened.

It’s hard to know how Respawn is going to solve the problem without nerfing the damage or removing it from Ranked and pro matches unless they decide to alter the spawn rate.

Either way, with the devs revealing they’re working on changes, we can only hope a solution is implemented by Season 13, which is set to kick off in early May.