Apex Legends streamer Rogue slams Revenant as “complete exploit” amid issues

Revenant broken Apex LegendsTeam Liquid/Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro player Tanner ‘Rogue’ Trebb has labeled Revenant as a “complete exploit” due to in-game audio issues and stream snipers abusing the Revtane combo.

While Revenant received a huge buff to his climbing abilities in a recent update, it’s the Death Totem that makes the Synthetic Nightmare so powerful.

With the ability to give him and his teammates the chance to push aggressively with no consequences, Revenant can be incredibly difficult to deal with, especially when he’s paired up with an Octane.

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This combination is only made more powerful by the fact that there are very few audio cues for Legends flying through the air. This means a Revenant and an Octane can jump onto a squad without them noticing, wiping them out instantly.

After experiencing this a few too many times, Apex Legends pro player Rogue took to Twitter to express exactly how he feels about the combo, especially when it’s used by stream snipers.

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Revenant Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Revenant was released in Season 4 of Apex Legends.

Apex pro Rogue labels Revenant a “complete exploit”

On July 15, Apex Legends pro Rogue took to Twitter to complain about the current state of Revenant when paired with stream snipers and audio issues.

It was obvious Rogue was incredibly frustrated at being taken down by the Revtane combo by players who were stream sniping to find his position on the map.

“If you play Rev, you admit you suck at the game, especially with how he is now.”

Unlike usual stream snipers who still have to sneak up on Rogue to get into a gunfight with him, players using the Revtane combo can simply jump over to the location, giving the streamer no chance to counter the attack.

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The ability to use the Revenant Ultimate and push with no consequences makes killing a target in a known location incredibly easy.

“Combined with stream sniping, which if you just watched my last game, fucking unreal.”

Despite complaining about the Revtane combo, Rogue made it very clear in his final tweet that this wasn’t to do Revenant or Octane being broken.

It’s to do with the fact that players can fall down onto a set of targets without triggering any audio cues.

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This makes it impossible to fight back, especially when stream snipers know his exact position.

“This isn’t about a meta or a legend combo meta, whatever, this is purely about the fact audio doesn’t exist and the amount of pointless pushing that is just happening”.

Respawn has addressed these audio issues in the past and has expressed that they’re working on cues for Legends flying through the air.

This should hopefully give victims of the Revtane combo a chance to realize what’s going on before they land.

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However, as for streamer snipers, it’s difficult for content creators to combat them when they’re playing multiplayer titles. Unless Rogue decides to set a long delay, there’s very little he can do to stop them from spying on his location.

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