Apex Legends pro Nafen pulls off game-winning clutch while his house is "on fire" - Dexerto
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Apex Legends pro Nafen pulls off game-winning clutch while his house is “on fire”

Published: 12/Nov/2021 7:59

by Andrew Amos


NRG pro Nathan ‘Nafen’ Nguyen went to all lengths to pull out a game-winning Apex Legends clutch in the middle of a tournament, ignoring his house being “on fire” to catch the win.

Endgame fights can get pretty intense in Apex Legends, especially at the top levels with pros duking it out for prize money. NRG was playing in the Box Fight Championship (BFG) event on November 11, sitting near the top of the leaderboard and trying to push for a win.

As the end game circle was heating up though, so was Nafen’s house.

In the final fight against 100 Thieves, Nafen was clicking heads and dishing out the pain. However, in the background, his fire alarm was blaring out.


“My house is on fire, my house is on fire,” Nafen exclaimed.

NRG ended up winning the 3v3, with Nafen getting the final kill on Seer before jumping out of his chair to go check what was burning.

His teammates weren’t sympathetic to the situation at first.

“When I’m clutching I’d rather not play with the f**king fire alarm on,” teammate Chris ‘sweet’ Sexton said. “I’m literally in the bubble f**king flicking and I hear the fire alarm going off.”

Thankfully for Nafen, his house wasn’t really on fire. He confirmed that the fire alarm was set off because his little sister burned some food in the kitchen.


“I just went to put out the fire while winning that game at the same time, all simultaneously,” Nafen said after checking things out.

While the fire alarm went off again while NRG were waiting for their next game, again nothing came of it.

As for how NRG went in the BFC tournament, they fell a few points shy of first place, coming in third with 65 points behind Spacestation Gaming and Cloud9 both on 67. However, they did walk away with a little bit of cash to make up for the heart attack.