Apex Legends pro Mendo explains how to “jump boost” teammates

. 3 years ago
Respawn Entertainment

There are a ton of movement tricks in Apex Legends that can give players an upper-hand on World’s Edge, and none are better at discovering these tactics than Team Liquid’s Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Håkansson.

While Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has a ton of Legends with unique ability kits to take into the Apex Games, when the guns start blazing survival is all about how a player maneuvers around a fight to come out on top.

People have already discovered a ton of slick ways to contort around a difficult situation, but very few of those tricks have teammates in mind for getting around World’s Edge.

Respawn Entertainment
The trick is especially helpful if a squad doesn’t have highly mobile Legends on their team.

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That is until Mendo and his group got into the Firing Range and discovered an unorthodox but highly effective way of giving less-mobile Legends a boost up to high peaks.

Perching themselves near a wall that isn’t quite scalable with the climbing function, Mendo used a punch-jump to help Wraith get up over the ledge.

“What if I can punch you while you jump and then you can start climbing to get that little extra boost,” Mendo hypothesized.

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On the first try, the theory turned out to work. Though reproducing the “Liquid Jump” took a bit of practice to sync up the timing of the jump and the punch up.

In order to do it, a teammate will have to jump up while another punches them upward to get a huge leap off the ground.

As for the person punching, they’d have to punch their teammate near the moment they leaped in order to send them flying.

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It seems like it’s easier to reproduce the trick with some Legends over others, as the squad strung a ton of leaps with Pathfinder as the launcher – but it’s more about the timing than the characters a team uses.

As situational as it seems, it didn’t take long to find a use for the trick in-game, as the team pulled off the maneuver to launch a Wraith to a tower high above.

The players were hyped to find a new mechanic in the game, and are already finding ways to incorporate it in their Apex Legends gameplay.

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