Apex Legends pro ImperialHal slams “horrendous” ALGS point system

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After completing a recent set of ALGS competitive matches, Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has described the league’s point system as “horrendous”.

The Apex Legends Global Series has returned for 2021-22 and it’s giving fans a chance to see the best players from around the world take each other on.

Although the event has adopted a new pro-league format and there have been no complaints from viewers, some of the pros are not satisfied with the current point system.

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One of which is TSM’s ImperialHal, who doesn’t understand how his squad has been rewarded two fewer points on the overall leaderboard than Noble, despite reaching the same score as them two weeks in a row.

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ImperialHal competes for the organization, TSM.

ImperialHal thinks ALGS point system makes “absolutely no sense”

While consistently finishing top three in matches will net you points in the ALGS, getting kills is still extremely important, as squads are rewarded with a point for every kill they pick up.

This means some teams can die early in a match, but because they’ve eliminated a large number of players, they receive more overall points than squads that survive for longer.

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Not only that, the system prioritizes overall placement throughout the week, rather than performance on a singular day. So, teams are rewarded a set amount of overall points depending on where they finish at the end of all the matches.

It’s this point system that Hal has an issue with, taking to Twitter on October 24 to describe the format as “horrendous” and claiming that it makes “absolutely no sense”.

This isn’t the only problem Hal has raised when it comes to the ALGS, with the pro arguing that the Kraber should be removed from competitive play completely.

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As the split is in its early stages, we’ll have to see if Respawn decides to take on the feedback and makes any changes, but it seems unlikely since the league has already begun.

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