Apex Legends pro ImperialHal hints at aim assist nerfs soon: “Just wait for the update”

Andrew Amos
Apex Legends pro hal wearing red shirt next to wraith aiming gun
Respawn Entertainment / Twitch: ImperialHal

Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has been an outspoken critic on aim assist in the battle royale. Now, he’s hinting promised nerfs to controller players are on the way, chanting “just wait for the update” for those making the swap from mouse and keyboard.

ImperialHal has made his stance on aim assist in Apex Legends very clear in the past: it’s broken and needs to be nerfed. The TSM pro has played around with controller personally, and with more players swapping as of late, it’s only becoming more prevalent.

Respawn has been treading water on nerfs for aim assist for some time, but if Hal’s chants have any merit, that long-awaited change could be coming soon in Apex Legends.

bangalore firing gun in apex
Respawn Entertainment
Controller aim assist has been a hot topic of debate in the Apex Legends community.

He was playing with TSM streamer ‘Daltoosh’ and Cloud9 pro Paris ‘StayNaughty’ Gouzoulis Hal took a fight before getting beamed and ultimately falling down to a flanking Wraith.

“This game is f**king dogshit bro,” he screamed. “Controller Pathfinder, no audio f**ker behind me. Love it.”

“What’s his input device got to do with bro,” Daltoosh said jokingly.

However, that only set Hal off: “Just wait for the updates boys. Just wait.” The vague comment caught the ear of his trio partners ⁠— both of whom play on controller ⁠— and were interested to hear whether Hal knew something they didn’t.

“What the f**k does the update have to do with anything? If they nerf aim assist the same players will be on top,” Naughty said. “Was that actually in the patch notes or were you just trolling?”

The TSM pro kept his lips sealed, chanting: “I’m not saying sh*t. Stay tuned.”

Both Daltoosh and Naughty put it down to Hal being mad about falling to a controller player, but regardless, aim assist nerfs are expected soon.

Respawn have acknowledged community sentiment about the different inputs and were evaluating whether nerfs are justified. While nothing has been included in the Season 12 patch notes so far, an update could be just around the corner.