Apex Legends pro ImperialHal claims Ranked is “doomed” without major changes

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Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, pro player for Team Solo Mid, has called on Respawn to make major changes to Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues, fearing the mode could ‘die’ if it is not overhauled. 

Apex Legends Ranked Leagues launched way back in Season 2, offering players an out-and-out competitive version of Respawn’s battle royale.

While Ranked Seasons are split into two and new badges/rewards have been offered, some have called on Respawn to update the mode in order to breathe new life into its popularity.

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On the face of it, not a lot changes between Ranked League matches and standard multiplayer games. There is still skill-based matchmaking, albeit more precise, and players are rewarded based on their end-of-season ranks.

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Apex Predator is the top Rank players can achieve, with rewards differing depending on players’ achievements.

Content creator Nokokopuffs joined the calls for Respawn to make adjustments, saying he has been struggling to enjoy Ranked matches recently.

“Genuinely don’t enjoy apex ranked anymore,” he tweeted. “Only do it for stream. literally 0 content. It’s just hop on and mindlessly play and deal with 3rd/4th/5th parties with Rev/Octane and try to painfully find ways to make it enjoyable. Just real talk of how I feel lately.”

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ImperialHal then chimed in, echoing Nokokopuffs’ sentiment: “If they don’t change something drastic in the ranked system…… game is doomed.”

Hal was then asked what he’d like to see changed with the mode to make it more appealing and enjoyable, to which he had a few ideas.

“Maybe make ranked a lot harder than it is now,” he suggested, “the ranked system now is very easy and casual based like no de-ranking, low loss of RP to high gain of RP, etc make it actual ranked than just “harder” pubs.”

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He did acknowledge the problem’s with queue-times though, going on to say: “I feel like they have touched almost every aspect of the game in terms of weapons, characters, etc but the Ranked system has basically been the same for a WHILE now but idk if that’s the issue or the character/gun meta has been the same for far too long now too.”

The action Respawn take to invigorate their Ranked mode remains unclear, but the list of people who want to see tangible changes appears to be increasing.

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Season 9 made no changes whatsoever to Ranked, with Respawn satisfied that the Season 8 changes were working well.

We’ll update you on any Ranked League changes if and when they come.

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