Apex Legends pro ImperialHal claims “busted” CAR SMG is underrated

Alex Garton
ImperialHal CAR SMG
Respawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘Imperialhal’ Dosen thinks the CAR SMG often gets overlooked by the community even though it’s an “insane” weapon.

Released all the way back in Season 11 of Apex Legends, the CAR seems to have gone under the radar with the majority of players preferring other SMGs on the arsenal.

Well, that was until the Volt was placed in the care package pool in Defiance. Now, it seems like the community is starting to use the weapon a lot more, and realizing that the CAR does have a place in the meta.

After being asked about the weapon, Apex pro ImperialHal echoed this on his stream, arguing that the CAR is an “insane” gun but as it’s not used by streamers and pros, players falsely believe it’s a bad weapon.

CAR SMG Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The CAR SMG was added in Season 11.

ImperialHal thinks the CAR is underrated

After being asked about the CAR SMG during his February 21 stream, Hal took the time time to share his opinion on the weapon and its place in the meta.

Although he doesn’t think it’s the strongest gun in the game, Hal claims the CAR’s low popularity comes down to the fact that streamers and pros don’t use it very often.

According to him, the CAR is “insane” but players will write it off as bad because they don’t see their favorite content creators tearing up Ranked with the gun.

Not only that, it’s never been labeled as the top-tier weapon in the meta since its release, so it’s a gun that’ll always be second to choice to other options.

So, instead of picking up the R99 or Prowler, it may be time to give the CAR SMG another shot.

Although its high fire rate can be unforgiving at times, the gun can pump out a huge amount of damage at close range if you’re willing to learn its recoil pattern.

It may not be at the top of the tier list, but the CAR certainly has its place in the meta and now the Volt has gone into the Care Packages, it may finally start receiving a little more attention.