Apex Legends pro ImperialHal angry as major Ranked bug still hasn’t been fixed

Alex Garton
Imperialhal Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro player Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has voiced his frustration over the Ranked queue bug that stops players from readying up for matches.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart and that means players want to get into a match as quickly as possible. However, in order to form squads of a similar skill level, ranked queues tend to take slightly longer than casual matches.

While lower-ranked players usually find a game almost instantly, as you progress higher up the ladder, queues get longer and longer.

Although this is expected by highly skilled players, a major bug is making the process unbelievably frustrating.

Despite promises from the devs to fix the issue, it continues to affect those with long queue times and Apex pro ImperialHal decided to voice his anger on stream.

TSM ImperialHal Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The queue bug only appears to affect players at high tiers in Ranked.

Apex Legends queue bug is forcing players to miss matches

When queueing for a match with a squad, every member of the group has to ‘Ready’ up before the game can begin matchmaking. If any player in the party cancels their ‘Ready’ up mid-queue, it will immediately reset.

However, a strange bug is randomly forcing players to cancel their ‘Ready’ up seemingly out of the blue. This is affecting highly ranked players the most as they have to sit through five to ten minute queue times.

During his September 28 stream, ImperialHal was encountering the bug nonstop and it was forcing him to lose a spot in matches. Describing the ‘Ready’ up process as a minigame in itself, Hal wasn’t happy that the bug has still not been addressed by Respawn.

“Let’s go I love sitting in queue for 10 minutes playing a f***ing minigame where I’m just doing this [spam clicks ready up]”.

Respawn has addressed the bug publically and announced that a fix would be coming in an August patch, but heading into October, the issue is still affecting players.

This is clearly a problem Respawn is struggling to solve, so let’s hope a solution is found and implemented in an upcoming patch.

While this frustrating bug may not affect the majority of the community, but it’s definitely a huge issue if it’s stopping top-tier players from getting into matches.