Apex Legends pro hails TSM star: “Best player in the world”

TSM Apex Legends player verhulstEA

Apex Legends pro player for Pioneers, Casper ‘Gnaske’ Præstensgaard, put out a ‘hot take’ for the community, arguing TSM’s Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst is currently the “best Apex player in the world.”

The debate of who is the best player in Apex Legends has sprung up again thanks to Gnaske. The veteran esports player put on Twitter that he thinks TSM’s Verhulst is the best pro in the world and listed off various reasons why.

Gnaske said the 20-year-old player has the skills, a professional mindset, is hardworking, stays in shape, and stays humble.

“Apart from being a good player, he’s possibly the best teammate to have,” Gnaske added – although did clarify other than his own teammates.

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TSM Verhulst hailed as best Apex Legend player

Verhulst is a relatively new player to the Apex Legends scene. He started competing in 2021 and quickly rose to prominence on Team Intel and Esports Arena. He eventually signed with TSM at the end of 2021, earning a spot on a top Apex Legends squad with Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen after only six months of competitive experience.

With TSM, Verhulst has placed first at the 2022 ALGS North American Split 1 Playoffs, sixth at the Split 2 Playoffs, seventh at the 2022 ALGS Championship, and the team recently won the 2023 ALGS Spilt 1 Playoffs.

The Apex Legends community seemed to mostly agree with Gnaske’s opinion on Verhulst, with some calling the 20-year-old even better than ImperialHa, who is typically given more of the spotlight. The veteran TSM player was named MVP of the 2023 Split 1 Playoffs and has been considered one of the best players in the esport for years now.

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Others also agreed that the Verhulst is humble for his age and still has room to grow. Right now, TSM are the consensus best team in the game, with two players that might be the greatest of all time, not only in their positions, but overall.