Apex Legends pro Albralelie explains why Seer is “gaming-breaking” in current meta

Seer Apex Legends AlbralelieRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro player Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith has explained why Seer is “game-breaking” from a defensive standpoint in Apex Legends Season 13.

Despite receiving a set of heavy nerfs shortly after his release, Seer has slowly climbed back into the meta over the last few seasons.

While a lot of pros were skeptical at first and chose to run Bloodhound as their scan Legend, it’s now widely accepted that the Ambush Artist is the better choice.

This was showcased in the recent 2022 ALGS Championship where Seer boasted an impressive 24.81% pick rate across the entire tournament

So, what makes Seer such a threat at the top level of play? Well, Apex pro player Albralelie took to Twitter and broke down why the Ambush Master is so “game-breaking” from a defensive standpoint.

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seer in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 14 is expected to go live in early August.

Why is Seer such a strong Legend in Season 13?

Speaking on the current meta in Apex Legends, Albralelie shared his opinion on Seer and why the Ambush Master is so “game-breaking” when it comes to denying resets.

As he can give his whole squad vision through terrain it’s easy to deny enemies from reviving their teammates, or they risk taking a significant amount of damage.

This was demonstrated recently in the ALGS with the Maggie Seer combination that allows the Rebel Warlord to use her drill on opponents through walls, and always land guaranteed damage thanks to Seer’s scans.

Albralelie thinks that eventually if Seer becomes a staple pick for every squad in pro play, resing downed players will be “incredibly rare” during hectic gunfights.

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With Seer becoming more and more popular as the days go on, it’ll be interesting to see whether the devs think he deserves a nerf.

While there’s no denying the power of his scans, the rise of Seer and Valkyrie has had some positives in the eyes of the community, pushing Gibraltar’s priority at the pro-level down, despite him at one point being a must-pick for the majority of teams.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait for the next event and see if Seer continues to shine in Season 14.