Apex Legends pro Albraelie wants Respawn to rework Wattson

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TSM streamer Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith shared some thoughts on Twitter about Apex Legends’ Wattson and potential changes that could be made.

Respawn Entertainment recently announced that Wattson, one of the least popular characters in Apex Legends, will be receiving a buff. This buff will be accompanied by a substantial nerf, as the devs have previously called Wattson “very powerful.

Wattson continues to polarize both the professional and casual community, as she has the potential to dominate matches, but is very rarely seen doing so.

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Enter TSM streamer and former pro player, Albralelie, who has made a long tweet-thread full of suggested changes and potential reworks for Wattson.

Respawn Entertainment
It’s safe to say Albralelie has been busy over the past few days!

Wattson changes and rework idea

Albralelie’s 10 tweet long thread goes into extensive detail about some of his concepts for Wattson going forward.

The first of his extensive list is a relatively simple, but effective buff: “first basic buff idea: HP increase to fences so they survive a crypto EMP. Super simple buff, wouldn’t change a whole lot when it comes to her effectiveness and is more of a quality of life change more than anything for Wattson players.”

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Another suggested improvement is “reduced cooldown to fences without ult being placed could be 10-15s, fence node cooldowns are absolutely terrible without gen especially after just being respawned. Coming out of a respawn ship you’re essentially not a character, just a gun.”

Albralelie also has multiple ideas for a Wattson rework, the first one bringing changes to how her fences work. Wattson’s fences are one of the strongest parts of her kit, making her a solid chokepoint defender, especially in tighter areas. Making the fences stronger in any way would be a direct buff to her Legends identity.

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Some of the rework ideas shared are clearly more drastic than just slight alterations to her already existing abilities, but they are still fun to ponder.

Soon we will see what Respawn has in store for the changes coming to Wattson, and if any of Albralelie’s ideas made the cut.

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