Apex Legends Predator lobby bands together to takedown squad of cheaters

Apex Legends Pred lobbyRespawn Entertainment

After realizing a group of cheaters were aimbotting and using speed hacks in their Apex Legends match, the rest of a Predator lobby decided to band together to take them down.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart and that means players typically do everything they can to take home the victory in their matches.

While the majority of the community relies on their gunskill and mechanics, certain individuals prefer to take shortcuts and use third-party software.

Although this is strictly against Apex’s rules and will result in a permanent ban, it’s become a huge problem in the upper echelons of Ranked.

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Well, after a group of Predator squads realized that a cheating team was dominating their lobby, they decided to band together in hopes of taking them down.

Apex Legends Predator lobbyRespawn Entertainment
Predator is the highest tier of Ranked in Apex Legends.

Apex Predators group up to take down hackers

During their Ranked match, four separate Predator squads all realized that a group of cheaters were dominating the lobby so they decided to group up against the common foe.

Huddling together on top of a house, they attempted to snipe the hackers and dish out as much damage as possible.

Unfortunately, the cheaters were using aimbots and speed hacks, so it was almost impossible to take them down without getting one shot in the process

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Although they did manage to eliminate one of the hackers, in the end, their alliance didn’t prevail and the third-party software users took home the victory.

Despite failing to come out on top, the valiant effort from the Predators made for an incredible clip and showcased how teamwork can be effective against hackers.

However, instead of rushing into the gunfight, the cheaters took their time and made it extremely hard for the group of 16 players to fight back.

Let’s hope Respawn sees this video and suspends the players using third-party software before they can ruin another Ranked match.

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