Apex Legends players worried Bangalore will be useless in Season 12 with Maggie added

Bangalore Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are concerned that Mad Maggie’s Tactical ability is going to make Bangalore completely useless in Season 12.

Despite maintaining a stable pick rate of just under 5% in Season 11, a lot of the community believes Bangalore needs a buff to compete in the current meta.

This is due to the number of new Legends that have arrived in recent seasons with wallhack or scan-based abilities. As Bangalore’s kit revolves around her smoke grenades, these characters directly counter her in skirmishes.

Now, with Mad Maggie arriving on February 8 with a Passive that temporarily highlights enemies that she’s damaged, Bangalore mains are concerned the Professional Solider will be useless in Season 12.

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Apex Legends Bangalore Mad MaggieRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore has a 4.9% pick rate in Season 11.

Bangalore mains worried she’ll be useless in Season 12

On January 31, Respawn revealed all of Mad Maggie’s abilities in the Defiance gameplay trailer with her Passive, Warlord’s Ire, temporarily highlighting any enemies she’s recently shot.

While this won’t have a huge impact on the majority of Legends, it directly counters Bangalore’s smokes, and fans of the Professional Solider have made it very clear they’re not happy on the Apex subreddit.

“Do the devs hate bang or something, they are constantly adding more and more wallhack legends… every new legend doesn’t need f***ing wall hacks”.

Some users have even claimed that due to the number of scans in the game, Bangalore’s Tactical is more useful to her enemies than herself: “It is kinda odd that a character’s tactical can help the enemies much more than herself”.

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A set of solutions have been put forward by players, including making Bangalore’s smokes anti-scan so she can remain undetected while inside her Tactical.

“They should make it to where Bang cancels all scans through the smoke,” wrote one player. “Then IMO it would be balanced and a buff to Bang”.

However, due to her stable pick rate, it’s unlikely Respawn will want to buff the Professional Solider anytime soon. So, for now, it’ll just be a case of seeing how much of an impact Mad Maggie’s arrival will have on Bangalore’s popularity.