Apex Legends players want Valkyrie nerfed ASAP after her “busted” ALGS pick rate

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have called for “overpowered” Valkyrie to be nerfed after seeing her extremely high pick rate in the ALGS.

While Valkyrie has always been a fan-favorite character in Apex Legends thanks to her Titanfall roots, it’s only in the last few seasons that she’s risen up as a meta pick.

Boasting a 10.4% pick rate in Season 13, the Winged Avenger is widely regarded as one the most powerful legends on the roster, with excellent mobility, disruption, and utility.

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As a result, she’s become a staple part of the majority of team compositions in the ALGS, with almost every squad picking her in the ongoing tournament.

Well, Apex players have picked up on this and are calling for the “best character in the game” to be nerfed.

Valkyrie pick rate season 13Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie has a 10.4% pick rate in Season 13.

Apex players call for “busted” Valkyrie to be nerfed

Players on the Apex Legends subreddit are calling for Valkyrie to be nerfed after seeing her pick rate in the ALGS, with the majority of teams using the Winged Avenger.

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As she’s been a powerful pick for over two seasons now, it’s obvious a lot of fans are bored of seeing her nonstop in their matches and at the pro level.

In their opinion, her overloaded kit makes it impossible for pros not to use her, especially with the repositioning from her Ultimate being so useful in the late game.

“She’s the best character in the game by far, it would be surprising if any team decided not to run her,” wrote one user.

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Others have even gone so far to call her “blatantly overpowered” and “busted”, claiming her “passive [is better] than most characters ultimates”.

While the devs haven’t confirmed whether the Winged Avenger is going to be nerfed, Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson did reveal back in May that they were waiting until after the ALGS to make any significant buffs or nerfs.

So, for now, it’ll just be a case of waiting for the event to be over and seeing if Respawn decides to reduce her power in Season 14.

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