Respawn confirm Apex Legends fix for frustrating revive and respawn bugs

Alan Bernal
Lifeline reviving Bangalore in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Update – January 15, 7:30 PM: Hours after complaints circulated online surrounding frustrating bugs in Apex Legends, developers at Respawn Entertainment issued a fix to remedy the issues at hand.

The “quick server patch” came in direct response to “the bug where actions like sprinting, reviving teammates, and respawning teammates would cancel or restart when holding down the button to execute.”

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Earlier – January 15, 4:15 PM: Players are coming across a bug in Apex Legends that’s stopping them from getting a timely revive from the Legendary Knockdown Shield, which is starting to cost people games.

The Grand Soiree event in Apex Legends has a lot of people loading into the game again, but some are finding that the new patch brought in strange glitches affecting different elements in the title, such as Respawn beacons and more.

Probably the worst time to find out you’ve been impacted by one of those bugs is in the middle of a heated battle, which is basically the only time people need to use the Resurrection ability from the gold Knockdown Shield.

Respawn Entertainment
The Legendary Knockdown shields have the ability to self-resurrect, but a bug is stopping players from doing that.

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That’s been the case for a lot of players sounding off on Reddit user ‘VlauderLauder’s thread about the revive glitch and its sporadic appearance in games.

“Revive glitch is the most crucial problem right now, it needs an urgent fix,” one user said.

In the attached clip, a match is down to the last four squads, and the Pathfinder is using the self revive while the circle is closing in. The progress bar goes over just 50% full when it resets, making the player start from scratch.

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By the time the Pathfinder finally picked themselves up, they saw their two teammates go down right in front of them. The glitch managed to prevent the player from getting up sooner, and was quickly eliminated moments later.

While this looked like a simple input error of some kind, more players started to file in, claiming that the exact same thing happened to them in their games.

“OMG, I knew I wasn’t going crazy! This crap literally cost me a game today…” user ‘KuribohKutie’ wrote. “I even deleted and re-downloaded the game. This update f**ked my s**t up, man.”

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
The bug can be detrimental, especially when cutting it close in a fight.

It’s not only happening with the knockdown shields, either: players are also reporting the bugs’ appearance when a teammate is trying to revive them.

“Yeah I ran into that myself trying to revive my mate,” user ‘OutlawedKiller’ said. “I kept telling him I wasn’t playing it was the game and he left the game.”

With players getting back into the swing of the Grand Soiree event, they’re looking to Respawn to fix the revive glitches that are popping up at random times.