Apex Legends players want Triple Take nerfed to fix flashing problem

Lauren Bergin
apex legends pathfinder using a triple takeRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ energy marksman rifle, the Triple Take, is a popular choice for those looking to pop some virtual heads, but the flash produced when bullets hit enemies is blinding players, and has become the latest subject of players’ ire.

No matter which FPS you play, there are some guns that are just built a little bit different from others. Apex Legends is no exception, with a clear weapon meta emerging in both the standard battle royale and the 3v3 Arenas mode.

Ranking in the A-Tier is the Triple Take, a particularly nasty energy marksman rifle that switches between being powerful up close and personal in the early game, to a lethal sniper as time goes on.

Aside from its latent firepower, though, it turns out players have encountered another issue with the Triple Take, and it’s leaving players across the Apex Games with a raging headache and a grey screen.

apex legends triple take energy sniper rifleRespawn Entertainment
Not only is the Triple Take a lethal piece of kit, it’s now causing even more havoc.

Apex Legends’ Triple Take has a flash problem

During an Arenas match where their squad was unfortunately wiped, one player has noticed that, when hit by bullets from the Triple Take, the flash makes it very difficult to see.

“The Triple Take’s flash effect should be removed or greatly reduced,” they write. “It totally disrupts tracking and REALLY hurts the eyes.”

Attaching a video clip of the 1v1 faceoff between themselves and the opposing Bloodhound, when the video is slowed down the flashes are genuinely slightly painful to watch. Not only is this a headache in the making, it makes following the enemy very difficult.

“Honestly never noticed it this bad until this clip. Wowzer,” reads one comment, while another notes “visual clarity is an issue with a lot of stuff.”

Others claim that the flashes are a non-issue. “Never noticed it before while playing,” one response states, while another concludes “this is on your screen for milliseconds. To the point in which most people commenting have never realized this happens…”

Back in January, though, Respawn acknowledged issues with visual clutter and VFX generally in Apex, and said they were investigating.

Whether the flashing is a non-issue or otherwise, it appears some want Respawn to do something about the visual clarity for those on the opposite end of the Triple Take’s barrel. Until then, though, grab your sunglasses and some aspirin, because it’s about to get bright.