Apex Legends players want Pathfinder’s Passive from Mobile added to PC & console

Apex Legends PathfinderRespawn Entertainment

After seeing Pathfinder’s new Passive in Apex Legends Mobile, PC and Console players want the Forward Scout’s ‘Friend Reunion’ ability added to the main game.

Since the release of Apex Legends back in 2019, Pathfinder has remained a fan-favorite Legend thanks to his unbelievably fun kit and lovable personality.

The Forward Scout’s ability to make highlight-reel plays with his grapple and also put a smile on players’ faces with his wholesome voice lines are a perfect combination.

However, there’s always been one glaring issue with his kit, and that’s his Passive Insider Knowledge that was rendered useless by the update to Recon Legends.

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As he technically doesn’t have a Passive anymore, the community has been calling on Respawn to add a new one for countless seasons, and some players think they’ve found the solution on Apex Mobile.

Apex Legends PathfinderRespawn Entertainment
Pathfinder 7% pick rate in Season 13.

Apex players want Pathfinder Passive from Mobile

Pathfinder’s Passive has been a hot topic in the community for a long time now, and players are constantly coming up with concepts and ideas to give the devs some inspiration.

Well, Apex Legends YouTuber The Gaming Merchant may have suggested the most logical solution yet, pointing out that Pathfinder’s new Passive on Mobile — Friend Reunion would be a perfect fit for the Forward Scout on PC and Console.

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On Mobile, Pathfinder can use his Grapple to pull downed squadmates towards him and revive them more quickly.

This would add a support-style element to Pathfinder’s kit that wouldn’t be too overpowered or compromise the rest of his abilities.

While there has been no confirmation from the devs, it’s possible this ability will be added to the main game at a later date and was introduced to Mobile first as a test.

However, with Respawn already revealing that they’re in no rush to give the Forward Scout a new Passive, it’s also possible they have no intention of giving Pathfinder the Friend Reunion ability on PC and console.

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For now, we’ll just have to wait and see but with so many requests from the community for Gibraltar nerfs, a Lifeline rework, and Valk nerfs, it is likely Pathfinder won’t be a priority for a long time.