Apex Legends players want next weapon to be LMG but with a twist

. 4 months ago
Apex Legends players want next weapon to be LMG but with a twist
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are asking Respawn for a new LMG to be added to the arsenal of weapons, but they want it to consume light ammo instead of heavy or energy. 

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is currently in Season 12 and hoists 28 unique weapons that players can use on their path to victory.

However, one class that lacks a lot of diversity is the Light Machine Gun. With only four different options and two of them taking energy ammo, players want to see something new.

This has a plethora of players in a Reddit thread that are requesting that a new LMG is put into the game, but consumes light ammo instead.

Apex Legends fans think light ammo LMG would fit perfectly 

In a Reddit post by ‘Shockwave00721’ the user asks if they are alone in wanting a light ammo LMG added to the game.Turns out, many people in the community agree with this as one fan puts it this “has been my biggest request for a while.”

Other Redditors brainstormed exactly how this LMG would work. One person said, “I’m thinking somewhere between 5-9 damage per bullet. Make it burn through ammo like the R-99, but more effective at long range.”

Apex fans want this LMG to have insane fire rate but do less damage than something like the Spitfire does. They also think it should be easy to use and have little recoil.

Apex Legnds light ammo
Reddit: u/CompensationLUL
Apex Legends players want to see light ammo get a LMG.

If something like this is added, it would be the first light ammo LMG in the game and would back leaks from April 2021 that reported on a light ammo LMG being in works.

However, right now this is just a fan concept as nothing has been confirmed by Respawn themselves.

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