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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want more incentives for Level 500 players

Published: 17/Oct/2021 18:30

by Shay Robson


Apex Legends fans are calling for more incentives to continue playing as the highest-leveled players have been left with nothing else to grind towards since 2019.

Apex Legends has had its level cap set at 500 since December 2019, and it was a huge increase from the cap being at 100 with the game’s launch.

However, the frustrated highest-leveled players are calling at Respawn for an update to the progression system as more reach Level 500.

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Apex Legends, developed by Respawn is one of the most popular battle royales, with an estimated 100M registered players.

As the disappointed max-level players continue to play with no incentives as they’ve already reached the max, there have been many asking Respawn for changes.

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit – that has garnered quite a lot of support – has requested that the devs add more progression opportunities past Level 500.


Of course, the community has various ideas of how to be achieved. One Redditor has suggested for them to incorporate a prestige system similar to what we see in Call of Duty that rewards players with exclusive badges and weapon skins.

Many got behind the idea of a prestige system, with one fan reminding others that the current Respawn devs were the ones who created the prestige system at Infinity Ward.

Another commenter suggested that they should either add another 500 levels or add a way to just reset your account level while still keeping everything else. “It other needs another 500 levels or a way to reset to level 0 and keep your badges skins.”


It is worth noting that Respawn is aware of players’ frustrations. During a Reddit AMA in August, they revealed that they’re “looking to straight-up increase the level cap with small changes,” as well as “future proof it with some of the other progression mechanics.”

However, there’s currently no timeline on when players should expect these changes to arrive, but rest assured they are on the way.