Apex Legends players want matchmaking preferences for better Ranked teams

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

There’s plenty of ways to drop in and enjoy Apex Legends from Ranked to casual playlists, and players want a matchmaking system to compliment the different kinds of people looking for squads.

Simply put, online matchmaking in any game like Warzone, Valorant, and more starts with a communication breakdown simply for not knowing who your other teammates are. This can lead to frustrating instances where no one seems to be on the same page.

That’s why Apex players want some form of matchmaking preference that everyone can customize to indicate individual levels of: Chattiness, Motivation, and Teamwork.

Not many are familiar with the different ways to look for games and teammates on Discord and the like, but Respawn could lend a hand by implementing the proposed mechanic.

Reddit user ‘JackVibe’ created a mockup for what the system would look like that gives everyone a distinct player profile for matchmaking in Ranked or otherwise.

In an ideal world, something similar to this would make Apex’s matchmaking smoother for players and overall teams alike.

While people agreed that the idea had its merits, not many were convinced that it would help matchmaking times or work in the first place.

Still, Matchmaking Preferences would be a way for people to align their playstyles in a more accurate way to help swerve incompatible teammates – trolls notwithstanding.

Respawn Entertainment via u/JrmtheJrm
Players have been clamoring for years to get a better matchmaking system in Apex Legends.

Respawn released the ‘Clubs’ feature back in Apex Legends Season 7, for like-minded players to be able to invite and queue up with each other.

Matchmaking Preferences would work in a similar function, but without the social hub component already used in Clubs.

Though there are Apex Legends players who’d like a better system than this one, there’s a resounding call to clean up the matchmaking to put people in better games.