Apex Legends players want Mad Max crossover after awesome Caustic concept

Warner Bros/Respawn

Apex Legends players want to see a crossover with the Mad Max movies after one fan pointed out the striking similarity between Immortan Joe and Caustic.

Unlike Fortnite Apex hasn’t had too many IRL crossovers, but some fans think the Mad Max universe would be a perfect setting for our favorite legends.

What inspired this? If you’ve seen 2015’s Mad Max Fury Road you might be able to guess that it’s Caustic, and his resemblance to the film’s big bad: Immortan Joe.

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Players want Mad Max/Apex Legends crossover

Just looking at Joe, it’s easy to see the resemblance between him and Caustic. Really, what it all comes down to is the facemask.

In Caustic’s case, it protects him from gas, but the reason Joe wears the mask is to hide his facial deformity. We never get a look during the movie, but other official lore confirms this is the case.

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But if we have Joe, we have to have Max, right? Well, fans think Fuse would make the perfect post-apocalyptic warrior. Plus, he’d probably pull off a leather jacket just perfectly.

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Other players suggested in the comments that Octane would make a great War Boy (one of Joe’s bald minions) and Wraith could be a perfect Furiosa.

Warner Bros
Mad Max and Apex Legends? Both are in the future, though Apex’s universe is a bit more optimistic.

Right now Apex just wrapped up the annual Winter Express limited-time event, but there are sure to be a number of new events coming in 2022.

We don’t know if any crossover events are in the works just yet. But as Apex only seems to be getting more and more popular, we could very well see some kind of event related to an outside IP happen.

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