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Apex Legends players want to help country of Mozambique after cyclone

Published: 20/Mar/2019 18:47 Updated: 20/Mar/2019 18:59

by Bill Cooney


The Mozambique has become Apex Legends’ biggest meme since release, and now the game’s players want to help residents of the actual nation of Mozambique after a massive cyclone caused widespread destruction in the country.

Shortly after release, players seemed to collectively agree that the Mozambique shotgun was one of, if not the worst weapon in Apex Legends.

Since then, the Mozambique has become one of the game’s biggest memes, even inspiring it’s own rap song; now, Apex Legends players want to help the nation the weapon was named after.

Mozambique here.

Cyclone Idai made landfall in the East African nation of Mozambique on March 14 and battered the city of Beira and the surrounding area with winds up to 177 km/h (107 mph), causing extensive damage and a death toll that has steadily risen above 200 at the time of writing.

“Many villages have been washed away,” a rescuer in Mozambique told the BBC. “We found women and children holding on to trees. We are doing what we can.”

Shortly after news of the cyclone broke, one Apex fan named SaunaTimeMachine made a post suggesting the game’s developers to offer some kind of custom Mozambique skin to raise money for victims of the disaster.

In just a day, the post has gained over 20,000 upvotes and inspired plenty of other suggestions from fans on how to raise money, like donating $0.25 for every kill made in Apex with a Mozambique.

Devs , A devastating cyclone has hit the country of Mozambique . It would be awesome if an in game Mozambique skin could raise money to donate to the Red Cross. Anyone else agree ? from r/apexlegends

Suggestions for what the Mozambique skin could look like ranged from all white with a red cross, to the colors of Mozambique’s flag – green, black, yellow and red.

Of course, many users pointed out there was nothing stopping players from donating to relief efforts right now, through organizations like the Red Cross, Care, Mission Mozambique, and Iris.

Other users suggested that since the recently-released Season One Battle Pass costs 950 coins, Respawn could offer players a way to donate their leftover coins to help the relief effort in some way, since a lot of players will buy the 1000 coin pack for the battle pass.

Even if the Apex developers don’t offer any official ways for players to help out cyclone victims in Mozambique, it’s clear the player base is more than willing to help out on their own.

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Classic Apex Legends care package bug is plaguing games on Olympus

Published: 29/Nov/2020 13:19

by Joe Craven


A classic Apex Legends care package bug has resurfaced in the ongoing Season 7, meaning it has now plagued every single one of the game’s maps – first Kings Canyon, then World’s Edge and now Olympus. 

A game as big and variable as Apex Legends was bound to be plagued by bugs from time to time, but players have grown increasingly frustrated with Respawn as more and more bugs not only affect gameplay, but return in multiple different seasons.

That is the case with this particular care package issue, which has previously surfaced on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Unfortunately, it has now made a return in Season 7 and Olympus, despite efforts from Respawn to patch it in the past.

Apex Legends Lifeline Cosplay
snowcxs / Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline might be a support legend, but her care packages can get teams out of tricky spots.

The glitch revolves around a care package spawning in a location slightly off the map’s customary boundaries. For example, it might be slightly below, on a couple of the large pipes that help to prop up the Olympus environment.

Pursuing the care package, which often contains top-tier loot, results in an instant death, as one Redditor unluckily found out.

Joking that they got ‘bamboozled’ by a care package, they hopped down below to take advantage of the loot on offer, only to be killed rapidly when hitting the area of the map the care package had nestled itself in.


It doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident either, unfortunately. Another Reddit user shared a YouTube clip entitled ‘It’s a Trap!’

The video shows off an almost identical death, as the allure of top-tier weaponry is enough to provide the player with an instant and immensely frustrating death.

Respawn have not yet responded to the issue, but we expect to see small adjustments made to stop the issues from occurring. For the time being, though, avoid going for care packages that look like they’re in dangerous locations.

For a full list of the bugs Respawn are investigating, you can check out their dedicated Apex Legends Trello board.