Apex Legends players want harsher punishments for “throwing” Ranked games

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Apex Legends players are calling for harsher punishments against those who deliberately throw Ranked matches and ruin the experience for their teammates.

When it comes to improving the overall gameplay experience for the Apex Legends community, a lot of the focus is placed on removing cheaters using third-party software that has an unfair advantage.

This has become a major problem for Respawn over the last year, with countless hackers and DDoSers appearing at the top echelon of Ranked.

While the devs have revealed that anti-cheat changes are in the works, a lot of the community is concerned that not enough is being done to prevent players from deliberately “throwing games on purpose”.

As this doesn’t involve any banned software, it’s easy for these players to go under the radar, and ruin the experience for their squad.

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Apex Legends Season 14 kicks off on August 9.

Apex players want throwing Ranked games to be “bannable”

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user cidqueen showcased a teammate in their squad deliberately “throwing” two Ranked matches in a row after they were placed together twice.

Instead of diving down towards a POI on Worlds Edge, the player decided to fly off the map, forcing them to detach or be eliminated immediately.

While it’s possible to fly back into the map and still compete in the match, with one less player and every other team in the game already geared up, it significantly decreases your chance of gaining RP.

cidqueen asked members of the subreddit whether this behavior was “bannable” and wondered what could be done to prevent this from happening more in Ranked.

In response, countless users revealed that you can report players like this for sabotaging a match, but it’s hard to know how much of an impact this has or whether they actually get banned.

A lot of the community wants to see harsher punishments, and potentially even a way to avoid these players in the future: “We need an option to ‘ban’ certain players so they will not be on your team anymore”.

While a lot of players have simply labeled this behavior trolling, others are convinced they’re trying to “derank” to get into lower-level lobbies.

Either way, it’s definitely an issue that’s frustrating the playerbase, so we’ll have to see if Respawn any action in the future.