Apex Legends players want harsher punishment for cheating “macros”

Apex Legends macroRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are growing increasingly frustrated with the popularity of “macros” and want Respawn to take a harsher stance against the “cheaters” using them.

As with any FPS, competition is at the heart of Apex Legends and every player dives down into the Outlands looking to secure a victory with their squad.

While certain members of the community will put in countless hours to hone their gunskills and mechanics, others prefer to take shortcuts.

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Although this can come in the form of wallhacks or an aimbot, there are also macros, scripts, and configuration files that are incredibly difficult for Respawn to detect.

Well, Apex players are growing increasingly frustrated with the “normalization” of macros and have declared that any changes outside of the game that provides an unfair advantage should be labeled as cheating.

Apex Legends cheating macrosRespawn Entertainment
Macros are extremely difficult for Respawn to detect in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends players claim “macros” are cheating

Unlike third-party software, macros are often deemed unfair by FPS players but are rarely viewed in the same light as aimbots or wallhacks.

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Despite this, Apex players have taken to the game’s subreddit to voice their frustration about the “normalization” of macros and cfg files.

While they may not be as overpowered as hacks, the ability to input multiple keys at the same time gives these “cheaters” access to improved movement and weapon accuracy.

“Anyone playing apex using macros, cfg files, scripts, zen, etc: you are a shameless cheater,” wrote one Reddit user. “If you’re not playing vanilla it’s pretty cowardly IMO.”

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The primary use of these macros is to perform movement mechanics that are usually incredibly difficult to execute. Techniques like superglides, wall bouncing, and tap-strafing can be performed easily, while a normal player would have to input multiple keys with perfect timing.

“If you can execute a move with one click, but me – a fair player needs to perform multiple actions to match your ONE Click << this is called unfair and cheating no matter what you say.”

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While players want Respawn to take a harsher stance on these macros, they’re extremely difficult to identify compared to third-party software.

However, with TikTok and Reddit posts showing off their capabilities on a regular basis, it’s no wonder they’re becoming more and more popular.

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